La gestion des bénéfices : Une perspective de la pratique et de la performativité sur la gestion des bénéfices dans le contexte des projets

Chercheure responsable : Monique Aubry
Étudiantes : Marie-Hélène Larouche, Sanaa El-Boukhri

This research aims at providing a new conceptualization of benefits management in the project context. Despite the existence of numerous benefits management processes on one side and, on the other side, the investments of organizations to get results from the implementation of such processes, professionals and researchers came to a common view that these processes do not deliver the expected results: to demonstrate the benefits from projects. We argue that a fruitful approach to develop a better understanding of benefits management in the context of project would be to explore what the people really do, in other words, what is performed and how.

In a performative perspective, benefits are not considered as the output of a prescribed benefits management process as suggested in the normative literature, but rather as both outcomes and “incomes” of ongoing episodes of social practices. This performative perspective will provide new insights and new answers to the fundamental question of benefits and benefits management for projects.

Literature on benefits management is mainly normative ad has been strongly developed within the UK professional Association of Project Management (APM). The most important research contributions can be found in the field of IS/IT. The brief literature summary shows that benefits management is based on a rational paradigm where the process refers to a series of progressive steps, as prescribed in the normative literature.

We propose a four phase’s research project within a qualitative approach: systematic literature review, data collection, data analysis and theorizing.  Performative perspective calls for in situ data collection. We suggest 4 in-depth case-studies.