International Development Project Evaluation


Chercheur responsable :  Olga Navarro-Flores

The objective of this project is to identify the parameters and strategies that have contributed to enhance local organizational capacity building as a result of a development project evaluation process.


The Kenya Equity in Education Project (KEEP) is supported by the UK Aid Girls’ Education Challenge (GEC) and is implemented by World University Service of Canada (WUSC) and Windle Trust Kenya.  The KEEP implementing partners have been required by GEC funding regulations to put in place an independent evaluation team. WUSC has identified the CAC Consulting (Montréal) as the external evaluators in order to ensure rigor and verifiability of the project’s results based on baseline, midline and final project evaluation.

The CAC Consulting team has designed, planned and conducted all evaluations of the KEEP project over a period of three years. The evaluation team has provided independent, rigorous evaluation and delivered research processes and impact results of the project, including lessons learnt throughout the process.  These evaluations have been undertaken with a partner‐in‐the‐field, the Local Capacities for Peace International (LCPI), who has been responsible for administering baseline and midline household surveys as well as qualitative data collection in important project zones. It is important to underline that the success of the evaluation process has relied on the partnership between two organizations, CAC Consulting from Montreal and LCPI from Kenya. Both directly involved in the project as independent evaluators/subcontractors. Yet, their commitment to the professionalism of evaluation processes has greatly contributed to reliable and rigorous evaluation processes.

Research question: How was the partnership between CAC Consulting and LCPI built? And furthermore, a) how and who has benefited from the independent evaluation process?, and b) how has it contributed to strengthen organizational capacities of those who intervened in the evaluation process and the development of the project?.