Improved operational efficiency in the emergency telecommunications cluster

Chercheur responsable :  François Audet

Co-Chercheurs : Marie Eve Desrosiers et Viviane Sergi

This project objective is twofold: 1) identify the causes of the gaps and operational issues and 2) develop deployment practices standards to improve the effectiveness of the ETC’s humanitarian response.


When deploying Emergency Telecommunication Cluster teams from different organizations, stakeholders have observed operational issues and inconsistencies caused by unclear or misunderstood processes. Furthermore, there are perceived gaps in the conception phase, as well as the planning and design of deployment projects and how partners are utilized. In short, there does not seem to be clear guidelines or plans that unite the goals of the different stakeholders acting on behalf of the cluster. Another issue comes from the observed frequent staff turnover, but also by the fact that the most qualified staff seems to be part of the first deployed team, and that there is little or no systematic rolling between different teams in terms of lessons learned, historical background or systematic evaluation process. These issues can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the cluster deployment.