PDW Organizational Project Management: Crafting an organizational view of project management

Academy of Management, Anaheim, California August 5 – 9, 2016
Participants : Shankar Sankaran, Stewart Clegg, Nathalie Drouin, Catherine Killen, Monique  Aubry, Kim Van Oorschot

As the impact of project activities on organizational outcomes continues to escalate, the traditional  operational perspective of project management (PM) is no longer sufficient. This PDW calls for an organizational-level view of PM to best support the delivery of strategic outcomes from project-based activities. Leading scholars will present recent research on Organizational Project Management (OPM), followed by an interactive session where workshop participants will clarify definitions, linkages and future directions and help craft an organizational view of PM. Over the past two decades, Organizational Project Management (OPM) has emerged as an academic field focused on how project, program and portfolio management practices help firms realize strategic organizational goals (Chia, 2013: p.37) and how project-based organizations integrate multi-project management activities and structure governance processes (Aubry et al. 2007). PM research is shifting its focus from individual projects to the management of multiple projects and the relationships between projects and the wider organization (Drouin, et al. 2013). This PDW is organised to present and discuss the evolution of OPM as an ‘organizational capability to integrate the management of projects throughout organizational structure and networks ’ and its’ potential to address managerial challenges of innovation. Distinguished scholar Stewart Clegg will kick-off the PDW with an overview of the development of strategy-as-practice and his views on the power and politics of strategic projects (Clegg, et al. 2015) and their relationship to OPM. A lively and focused discussion will be facilitated using an innovative collaborative process that draws upon ‘design-led’, ‘agile’ and ‘scrum’ PM methodologies

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